Joe is a DGA director and International filmmaker who has directed films and television programs in nearly twenty nations around the world.

Joe is currently working as Executive Producer/Co-Director with Producer/Director Kate McMahon developing “The Good Seed”, a feature length documentary about Dave Dahl, the creator of Dave’s Killer Bread. They have recently been joined by Academy Award winning Director Alex Gibney, also acting as Executive Producer on the project.

In addition, Joe is currently developing the multi-platform project “$35 And A Dream/The Rose Maddox Story” as Executive Producer/Producer/Director with Executive Producer/Producer Suzanne Migdall, and Writer/Producer Calvin Kennedy. They have recently been joined by Grammy Award nominated Producer/Director Beth Harrington acting as Consulting Producer on the project. The project consists of a feature length documentary, and a limited dramatic TV series.

Joe’s international projects as director have included several European TV action films for both Pro 7 and RTL networks; as well as a TV pilot for Pro 7, and a pilot and subsequent episodes for RTL. Those projects were filmed in Germany, Italy, and Hungary.

He was also hired to take over and complete two International co- productions which were being filmed in Austria and Lithuania for a German film fund, and directed two independent features for US production companies.

As a result of his extensive experience directing films in Europe, Joe was hired by Warner Brothers International to direct the pilot for “The New Adventures Of Robin Hood” filmed in Lithuania, and remained with the series, directing multiple episodes.

Recent directorial work includes first and second unit director on the ABC Gladiator series, “Empire”, filmed in Italy; segment producer/director on an ABC USO primetime special, shot in Iraq, Kuwait, and Germany; producer/director on several documentaries; and director on the TV series “Saints And Sinners” for Fox. He also directed political comedies featuring heavily choreographed scenes, for a web series of mini-movies.

Early in his career, having been recognized for his work as a documentary director, Joe was brought to Hollywood to direct the hit CBS network series’ “Knots Landing” and “Falcon Crest”, and later “Walker, Texas Ranger” filmed on location in Dallas, Texas. “Knots Landing” and “Walker” were both rated as top ten TV programs during the time that Joe was directing them.

In 1991, shortly after the fall of the Berlin wall, he moved his family to Europe, where he directed all 26 episodes of a ZDF International action/adventure series filmed on location in the former Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Germany, and Portugal.

Joe first began his career after graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in broadcasting. He began as a photojournalist at the CBS affiliate, WJXT in Jacksonville, Florida working with reporters, including Steve Kroft of “60 Minutes”. While in news, sports, and later at KIRO TV and PM Magazine, Joe won two regional Emmy Awards for his work in sports documentaries.

As a result of that work, he was hired by United Way of America’s national headquarters as a director. Later, as producer/director and then as VP In Charge of Production, he won seven NY International Film Festival Awards; as well as a San Francisco; a Houston; and a Chicago International Film Festival Award. He also received two International Cine Golden Eagles for his documentaries and short scripted films. Joe has lectured at UCLA and at the University of Florida, and taught film seminars in Washington DC.

During that time, he also directed commercials and documentaries with sports figures in the NFL, the NBA, and major league baseball, as well as producing a PSA with then President Ronald Reagan in the White House.