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This series was produced by Disney/ABC and was filmed entirely on location in Rome. Joe directed all second unit scenes and the first unit scenes shown here


This TV movie was filmed on location in Berlin, Germany for the PRO 7 network for European distribution and was chosen by viewers as one of the top ten films of the year, and one of the top one hundred German network TV movies of all time.


This ABC/USO Special featured a concert with Willy Nelson, Jessica Simpson and her husband Nick Lachey, Big and Rich, and Brian McAdams,  filmed in Germany with Joe as a Segment Producer. The production continued onto Iraq where Joe was Director and camera operator on location at Forward Operating Bases in Bagdad and Tikrit during the Iraq War.


This television series was filmed in Germany, Russia, the Ukraine, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, and Portugal. All 23 episodes were directed by Joe over the course of an entire year. The series was produced by Entertainment Berlin for the ZDF network.


 Joe directed numerous episodes of Walker Texas Ranger, the hit TV series for the CBS network starring Chuck Norris.


Scene from a German TV movie directed by Joe for the RTL network.


This scene is from one of two feature films that Joe was hired to complete as Director. Filmed on location in Salzburg, Austria and Vilnius, Lithuania